The Basilicata Region boasts, among other things, a variety of grazing lands, olive groves, vineyards and other crops of first quality, which final result is a rich offer of typical dishes revealing their genuineness and goodness through their scents and flavors. They are goods of ancient tradition, processed slowly and patiently, that guide you through a journey of flavors that will surely be for a long time recalled.

Wine & Food tours, in addition to presenting the culture and traditions of the area, lead to knowledge of culinary delights for the visitors. You will visit local companies and farms producing typical products, such as wineries, oil mills, bakeries and dairies, in order to taste them and to understand all the processes leading to the finished products.

For those who don't like just watching, another interesting possibility offered is that of "putting the hands in the dough" through the educationals. This mean to be directly involved in the production process of the products when visiting local farms and companies that happily welcome visitors of all ages to help them learn the different aspects of farming and the preparation of many foods: how to knead and cook the bread and focaccia and then taste them, how to work mozzarella cheese and eat it, as well as how to harvest olives and grapes and then press them to get extra virgin olive oil and wine and then taste them. And what about the possibility to attend a cooking class to learn how to make a perfect lunch or dinner "Basilicata style" for you, your family and your friends once back home?  

The bread of Matera has an unmistakable flavor and the characteristic shape referred to as a “horn-shaped bread”, which recalls the profile of the Murgia in Matera and has been authorized as a “IGP” product. Durum wheat, unlike other breads, retains its fragrance for many days which was also the basis of the Mediterranean diet of these areas in past eras. 

Wine: among the most appreciated wines of Italy is the Aglianico del Vulture, born from a Hellenistic tradition and appreciated since Roman times, in to the courts of the Bourbons, and now a great Lucanian vintage awarded DOC status. It is born on the heights of the Vulture on volcanic soil giving it a unique taste, but it is also produced in other parts of the Region, togehter with other great wines are like the Primitivo, the Chardonnay and Negramaro

Olive Oil: since 1500 B.C. the olive tree was the star of the Phoenician trade of southern Italy and this rich agricultural tradition continues successfully today. There are many varieties of olives produced in the area, like the Maiatica of Ferrandina, the Coratina, the Leccino, the Bradanica, from which we get extra-virgin olive oil, olive paste, pickeled olives and much more, some of them under the international Demeter Trademark

Cheeses and preserves: uncontaminated grazing lands, flavourings and professionality of diaries make an exciting mix exalting the tastes of cheeses and preserves become world wide famous: fresh and seasoned caprini (goat cheese), ricotta, treccine, mozzarelle, caciocavalli e scamorze cheeses, manteche (scamorza cheese filled with butter), burrate (mozzarella cheese filled with cream), peperoni cruschi (crunchy sun dried red peppers), jams, and much more.

Sweets: among the many local sweets there is one, which has become a must to try, the “Scorzette”, which are made with almonds (or hazelnuts), eggs and dark chocolate (in alternative with vanilla, pistachio and orange chocolate): an indescribable delight. Would you like to learn how to do them with the help of an expert pastry chef and then taste them warm?

If you love spirits (but also if you don't but you love exploring and make new tasting experiences) you cannot miss the visit of the Amaro Lucano factory. In the Essenza Lucano’s common area, the story of relives can be touched and savored. Starting with the aromatic garden of the courtyard, 30 Lucano’s herbs let you touch, look, and breathe. Through a technological and interactive exhibition space, among the famous advertising campaigns and the story of the characters who made the Lucano’s history. Travel up to the present along the Essenza’s paths, the taste, and the current enjoyment of Lucano’s products. From the tradition of ancient walnut presses to new cultural and sensorial experiments.
Essenza its an immersive journey around the Amaro Lucano’s world, using 5 different themes (Lucania, Lucano, Amaro, History and Pacchiana – traditional costume). Which traces the history of the company by an immersive and multisensory experience to our guests.      

These tours can be made every day, according to the availability of the producers, and can be combined with all the others of Matera and its surroundings. Please do contact me for more info.