This tour is suitable for those having more time to spend in Matera and are interested to deepen more the historical, urban and social evolution of Matera outside the Sassi.

The tour is an extention of the previous Classic Tour of the Sassi and includes the Upper part of the city, the so called Piano, which is the flat part of the city dated back to 17th, 18th and 19th Century, entirely built on a natural plateau overlooking the Sassi, embellished with Noble’s Palaces and religious buildings.

You will admire, among the others, the Barock Church of the Purgatory (Chiesa del Purgatorio), that of San Francesco d’Assisi, the Palazzo Lanfranchi (old Seminary and today seat of the Museum of Medieval and Modern Art of Basilicata), the previous Monastery of Santa Chiara (today seat of the National Archeological Museum), the monumental Piazza Vittorio Veneto dominated from the previous Monastery of Palazzo dell’Annunziata and from that of Santa Lucia al Piano with its Church, including some other modern buildings of the Fascism, up to reach the majestic Cathedral of the 13th Century dedicated to the Madonna della Bruna, the maximum example of late Romanesque style architecture dominating the Civita, the first fortified nucleus of the ancient Matera, from which the panoramic views of both Barisano and Caveoso Districts are unmatchable.

Days available: Every day. 
Time Length: 
2,5 hours.
Difficulty: Medium. Presence of many steps (ups and downs).
Don't forget:  Comfy shoes (no heels), camera and during summer water, cap and sun cream.

Price and notes:

The tour is private but, upon request and according to availability, it is possible to make a Tour Sharing with other guests. 

This tour can be combined with other tours of Matera or Tours Around it. Please contact me for more info and price.