Tavole Palatine Temple of Hera Copia


Together with the neighbour Policoro (formerly known as Siris-Heraklea) and the apulian Taranto, Metaponto was one of the most important cities of Great Greece (Megale Hellas or Magna Grecia) starting from VI century a.C. and an active center of agricultural and ceramic production, as well a cultural center where Pythagoras moved his philosophical school in 532 B.C., which remained active for about two centuries after his death in 490 b.C.

It was also a theatre of epic battles like that of Pyrrhus (280 b.C.) and Hannibal (207 B.C.) with their elefants against the Romans. Its splendor is still witnessed from the archaeological area.

The tour infact begins from the famous complex of the Tavole Palatine, a suburban monumental temple in doric style dated 530 b.C. The tour continues with the ancient old city centre situated 5 kilometers away from the Tavole Palatine, where the archeological excavations brought to light the sacred zone with the ruins of 4 different temples in styles and dimensions and the Public Area (Agorà), dominated from the Amphitheater, which could contain up to 8.000 people.

Continuing the visit to the National Archaeological Museum, you will see what the excavations in the nearby necropolis brought to the light: the rich grave goods of refined and painted vases, pottery, jewels and objects of everyday usage, allowing us to understand in detail the fascinating life of the native populations, the Enotrian-Choni and of the Greeks, being able to understand the historical evolution of the area from the Bronze Age until the advent of the Romans.

The tour will end on the beautiful golden sandy beaches for a walk on the “Lungo Mare” Promenade to have an “aperitivo” or a “gelato”, admiring the beautiful coastal line facing the Calabria with its mountains on the West and Apulia, the Italy’s booth heel, on the East.

 Days available: Every day. Possibility of pick-up in Matera or accomodations in the surrounding area according to your needs.
 Time Length:
3 hours plus the transfer times from/to Matera or surrounding areas.
 Difficulty: Easy. 
 Don’t forget: Comfy shoes, camera and during summer water, cap and sun cream.

 Price and Notes:

The tour is is private but, upon request and according to availability, it is possible to make a Tour Sharing with other guests in order to reduce the costs. Children under 15 free (accompaigned from an adult).

If you don’t have a car to reach Metaponto, it is possible to book a shuttle bus.

This Tour can be comined with others of Matera and of surrounding area. Please contact me for more information.